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Frequently Asked Question!

We have a team of veterinarians on staff. They make regular visits to the farms. They make sure that the animals are in good health. They cure the cattle on the farm and, if necessary, transport them to a veterinary hospital. Milk from contented and stress-free cows finally finds its way to consumers in the form of nutritious drinks and foods.

Our processing plant’s modern packing gear ensures touch-free packaging and sealing. The bags and pouches are then kept at the proper temperature in our cold storage facilities. Furthermore, our excellent delivery network ensures on-time and hassle-free delivery.

The health benefits of milk may vary depending on the breed of cow from which it was produced. A2 milk is currently offered as a healthier alternative to ordinary A1 milk. Proponents claim that A2 offers numerous health benefits and is simpler to digest for persons who are lactose intolerant.

Desi cow produces less milk (6-8 liters) than HF or Jercy cow (15-20 liters). The feed given has to be devoid by any chemical. A2 milk has the high demand due to its health benefits and taste. As a result, A2 milk is little pricey.

A2 milk is high in protein, which is good for our bodies. The immune system of the body is boosted by consuming A2 milk. The milk of the desi cow acts as an elixir for our eyes, hearts, and overall health. All of these are considered healthy foods for the body.

The priority is always quality. As a result, it is critical to maintain quality right from the start. We have always prioritized this aspect since our inception. Apart from installing high-end machinery, we also looked after our farmers.