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Gaunand Dairy Farm is a collaborative effort to showcase the importance of desi A2 cow to society. We believe in conserving and raising awareness of our ancient Indian tradition and culture. We are more than a service provider in the Pune region. Our focus is more on providing social service than getting a profit. We follow our duties for our country and Gaumata. Our forefathers were well aware of its spiritual and nutritional benefits since time immemorial. We are taking this forward for our upcoming generation. Gaunand Dairy Farm is inspired by the desire to obtain and deliver unadulterated A2 milk and A2 milk products, with benefits to everyone’s doorstep.

The journey of Gaunand Dairy Farm began with social service in the Pune region. Initially, saving the desi cows was the aim, but as the number of rescued cows increased, the need for financial support arose. A2 cow is known best to bestow health, knowledge and prosperity. At present, there are more than 100 cows and cattle in our dairy farm and more than 15 support staff who take care of the cattle.

We are devoted to saving our mother cow as it is essential to restore the “Cow” to her former well-regarded position as “Gaumata” at this time.

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Mr. Dnyaneshwar Mungle

He is the founder of Gaunand Dairy Farm. From an early age he has devoted his life to serving the nation and humanity. He was always drawn towards social service and is strongly interested in theatre. Gradually, he recognized the importance of preserving the Indian cow breed and its impact on human health and culture. Saving one cow led to the saving of more than 100 cows and the number is just increasing over the period of time. Managing the finances for the rescued cows became a task. The Gaunand Dairy Farm concept arose in response to this situation. The income from the produced milk products is entirely used to fend for the farm expenses. The Gaunand Dairy Farm is aimed to serve societal duties and steering society in a new direction.


To raise awareness of our ancient Indian tradition and culture by conserving cows and their spiritual and nutritional value to society


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We have more than 100 desi cows and cattle in our Farm. Visit our farm to know more about us and our process.